DeFi Football is a Free-To-Earn game. Users can play the game, have fun and start earning digital assets without spending any fiat or digital currency.
By playing the game rigorously and performing well, users will start earning rewards that have real value in our open economy: Cards (NFTs) that can be traded and Tokens (WCI). This makes it a real Free-To-Earn game where you can play for free and earn for real.
Tokens can then be used to purchase random Player Cards through Starter Packs.
Once the player acquires an NFT card via Marketplace directly or in a Pack, he can then permanently access the extended play-to-earn loop!


The revenue-sharing stream is designed to create additional ways to use your Cards and increase the user gains over time.
  • ​PvP with other players will grant rewards based on each match.
  • ​Tournaments will grant rewards as players climb the ranks of the game mode.
  • ​Marketplace will be an auction site to buy and sell NFTs