Revenue Sharing Strategy

The revenue-sharing strategy lays out how we plan to redistribute a portion of the game's revenues into the game's ecosystem and players.

The more revenues the game generates, the bigger the in-game rewards and staking rewards will be.

The objective is to have a self-sustainable economy that rewards players & token holders for the game's success.

Revenue Stream

Pack NFTs

Packs will be our primary revenue stream and the main way we sell Player Cards to users.


Our marketplace fees will be a small portion of the revenues we plan to generate.


A match marker fee from the winner rewards in PvP matches will be collected and sent to the treasury.


A percentage of the prize pool will be used for tournament operations.

Ecosystem Treasury

Revenues generated in WCI will be sent to the Ecosystem Treasury, where parts of the revenues will be redirected to players of the game monthly.

  • 25% will be directed toward the staking rewards pool, increasing the potential staking rewards for WCI holders.

  • 25% will be directed toward the rewards pool, powering the in-game rewards.

  • 30% will be directed toward the DFF Development funds, growing the community and the game.

  • 10% will be burned until the total supply is only 50,000,000 left. After that, the revenue will be split between the tournament rewards pool and the staking rewards pool.

  • 10% will be directed toward the DFF team.

The percentage can be changed later, depending on the project's development.

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