Player Card

Player Cards will include the following elements:

  • Player Main Stats
  • Player Energy
  • Player Position
  • Player Composition Index
  • Player Rarity

Player Main Stat

Player Main Stat represents a player's main stats based on component stats. This stat will change depending on where you place that player in the squad.

Player Energy

The number of energies represents the number of matches remaining for the players in the squad. When the number of energies returns to 0, you will have three choices:
  • Re-sign a new contract with the player
  • Place players for sale on the Marketplace
  • Burn the card to get an upgrade card for other players.

Player Position

Player Position represents the player's forte position when entering the match. You can change the position of the players to suit the squad you have chosen.

Player Composition Index

Player Composition Index includes the component indexes of the players. The players will have a total of 10 component stats, including:
  • SPE (Speed): Movement speed
  • ACC (Acceleration): The ability to accelerate
  • STA (Stamina): Player's Stamina
  • CON (Control): The ability to handle the ball
  • STR (Strength): Physical Strength
  • TAC (Tackling): The ability to tackle the ball
  • PAS (Passing): The ability to pass the ball
  • SHO (Shooting): The ability to shoot the ball
  • GKH (GK Handling): The goalkeeper's ability to catch the ball
  • GKR (GK Reflexes): The goalkeeper's reflexes
  • JUM (Jumping): Player's jumping ability

Player Rarity

Players will be divided into three rarities, including Bronze (<65), Silver (65-79), and Gold (>79).